Boat Docks & Lift Systems

  • Marinas/Public Docks
  • Private Docks
  • Boat Lifts

General Boat Dock Building Process

  • What boats and accessories do they want attached to their dock.
  • How many people they will want on the dock at any given time.
  • A design is sketched based on questions 1 & 2.
  • Discuss different aspects of the design and offer options to meet their needs
  • Revise the initial design, revisit the design details, and finalize the finished look of dock.
  • Quote the final design and present it to the clients.
  • Revise the dock and price as needed.
  • Once everything is set, we order the dock items and start building.
    *Items 1-5 can be done in 1 hour. Items 6-7 will take about 1 day.*

How do you suggest clients prep for their dock?

Look at the website and see if there is a dock or two that stands out to them.

What is your ideology when designing or building a dock?

We aim to use only the best materials with the least amount of maintenance. We want to ensure quality and lasting workmanship. That is why we use the materials and products that we do. Order a dock or marina from us today.