Jim Marshall (1944-present)

Founder and President of J.M. Construction, Jim has been in the construction industry since 1969 when he first started to work for his future father-in-law. Jim has managed many successful projects, from small fence jobs to large 18,000 sq ft custom houses to 200,000 square foot manufacturing facilities. He has proven himself to be an excellent organizer and director. Jim has also been a paid expert witness in multiple trials relating to construction. After more then 40 years in the construction industry Jim still enjoys the inter workings of every project. Jim is the RMO (Responsible Managing Officer) for the B classification(General Building Contractor) of J.M. Constructions California Contractors License. Jim is married to Cindy and has 3 grown children, Bill, Mark and Joy and 9 grandchildren; Lindsey, Lauren, Mikayla, Evan, Eden, Will, Isabella, Leanna, and Audriana.

Mark Marshall (1973-present)

Vice-President. Mark started working for his father, Jim, back in 1985 at the age of 12. Mark started working from the ground up. He started his construction career on the demo and clean up crew of J.M. Construction. At age 15, he then started working as a laborer/apprentice on the framing crew. At age 17 he moved over to the finish carpentry division for 2 years. Throughout the time from age 14-18, Mark also helped Barron Electric and Cal-Mech Heating and Air, as they needed an extra laborer. When it was time for young Mark to go to college he started working for Cal-Mac Plumbing (J.M. Constructions Primary Plumbing Sub-Contractor). For the next 4 years Mark worked summers and weekends for Cal-Mac Plumbing. In 1995 Mark graduated from The University of Southern California with a Bachelors in Science in Civil Engineering with the emphasis of Building Science. In 2003 Mark went back to USC to take a graduate level class in Construction Management, Estimating and Control. Mark earned the highest grade in his class. Mark is the RMO (Responsible Managing Officer) for the A classification (General Engineering Contractor) of J.M. Constructions California Contractors License. Mark is married to Laurel and has 2 children, Evan and Eden.

Mark Snyder (1925-1993)

Mark was an expert craftsman and beloved by many who knew him. He is considered “The Builder of the Pacific Palisades” and there is a scholarship fund in his name at Pacific Palisades High School. That scholarship fund is used to send students to our Nation’s Capital each