People over Profit.

From our Customers to our Vendors to our Employees we value relationships over profits. Because of this we retain over 95% of our clients. Our relationships with our vendors are continue to grow and we are still using vendors from 40 years ago. We have a very low employee turnover with only 1 employee moving on in the last 10 years and our current workforce has been with us 20-30 years.

Quality over Cost.

We require the highest quality possible with the type of finishes requested from our clients. We never skimp on quality regardless of what it costs us. Our rates are competitive but our quality far supersedes anyone else. Our employees and sub-contractors know that our standards are higher then what our clients are asking for.

Execution over Schedule.

We do not sacrifice “doing it right the 1st time” over the construction schedule. There are specific ways of doing things properly. We do not sacrifice that sequence in order to meet a schedule. This is very hard to do when clients want to get into their project and sub contractors want to get in to work.

The above 3 core values can only exist if all 3 are followed. If we sacrifice 1 then the other 2 are affected. If we only do parts of any 1 the other 2 are affected. We are very proud of the work we do and we LOVE the work we do. We would be selling our clients, vendors and employees short if we sacrifice any of the above 3 things.

We use the latest technologies and superior communication to help us in accomplishing the above core values.

With our above values we offer a far superior experience and finish product than any other local contractor.