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Sunstream FloatLift™ The FloatLift is the leading floating hydraulic boat lift worldwide.  It has set a higher standard with incredible speed, unsinkable floats, remote-control, and solar charging.

Ease of use Operating the quiet, high-speed hydraulics with the remote control from the helm of the boat provides ultimate convenience and safety.  The FloatLift launches in seconds instead of minutes. 

Peace of mind The FloatLift’s unsinkable floats, and GravityLock; over-center design prevents the boat from accidentally lowering.

Portable and versatile Just tie the FloatLift to a dock or a mooring.  The hydraulics run off a battery charged by solar or AC power.  The revolutionary design allows for use in shallow water.

Cover option Reduce your maintenance ever further by adding a HoverCover to the FloatLift.  The HoverCover fits tightly to the boat by lowering as the boat rises.