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SlideMoor™ solves many of the docking and mooring problems encountered by boaters. This simple and effective system secures your boat tightly to a sliding bumper that rides on an 8' or 10' marine-grade aluminum track bolted to your piling.

The vertical motion caused by waves and tides moves the self-lubricating carriage up and down with your boat. Horizontal motion is practically eliminated because the boat is tied tightly to the SlideMoor™ bumper. This negates the "wind-up" effect and "punch" often associated with waves and loose ropes.

SlideMoor™ takes the guess work out of docking by eliminating ALL lines except the short lines on the SlideMoor™, which are all on one side of your boat. The SlideMoor™ system eliminates bumpers, mooring whips and outer tie pilings. This system also helps prevent lateral movement when loading or unloading. Another added benefit is that larger boats can fit into smaller slips since this motion is all but eliminated.

Please review the SlideMoor™ Frequently Asked Questions and the Videos pages on our Website to find out if the SlideMoor™ Mooring System is right for you.

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