JM Construction, Inc.

Charitable Giving and Involvement by JM Construction and it’s owners.

J.M. Construction is a family owned business. The family has been involved in Christian ministries for generations. We believe in supporting those ministries that bring the Gospel to the world. The list of charities church's are those that we support.

This is a list of charities, missionaries and churches that are near and dear to our hearts. There is only one person that can be given credit to our success, and that is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are called to help fund the Great Commission and this is our way of doing that. Please consider joining us in living for something that is larger than ourselves. We believe that is our Savior Jesus Christ.

Here is the List of Ministries and Church’s that We Support:
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  • Children's Hunger Fund
    Children's Hunger Fund (CHF) works in some of the most needy regions in the world. In the slums of Guatemala, in the refugee villages in Northern Uganda, in the wake of disasters in Indonesia and Perú, and on the mean streets of America's inner-cities, CHF earnestly seeks to provide for the needs of children and make lasting impact in their lives.

    If a child is to endure and thrive despite his need he must know hope. Hope is only possible where faith is present. Even in the darkest moments when all he can see is despair, a child's faith gives him hope that his suffering is not permanent. Faith and hope can only exist where love has shown the way.

    CHF equips local churches across America and around the world for a singular purpose: to help them communicate the life-changing message of Christ's love. Faith in that message brings a hope that can endure any sorrow.

    Love without action is of little use. Enduring strategies must be enacted to influence meaningful change in the lives of poor children. At CHF, our strategy is to equip qualified, local churches with the things they need to build relationships with the poor. Because of their long-term presence and proximity to the need, local churches are ideal hubs for distribution of aid. Check out our pictures of the Resonate Banquet at the Reagan Library as well as our trips to package food in Pacoima.

    About CHF

    What Pastors are Saying

    2011 Trips

    2010 Trips

    2009 Trips
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  • World Impact
    World Impact is a Christian missions organization dedicated to ministering God's love in the inner cities of America. Its purpose is to honor and glorify God and delight in Him in the inner cities by knowing God and making Him known.
    World Impact ministers cross-culturally to people unreached by the gospel of Jesus Christ through evangelism, follow-up, discipleship and indigenous church-planting.
    World Impact empowers urban disciples; training leadership for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

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  • Empart USA - Church Planting Northern India
    Empart is transforming communities by training local people to start churches in the local community. The members of these churches
    then go on to minister to the people living in their towns and villages, sharing the love of Jesus while helping to met their physical needs in practical ways. What's more, every new church is passionately committed to planting other churches in unreached communities as well.

    We believe that real lasting community transformation can only be achieved through starting authentic local churches- like the ones currently being planted by Empart.

    So what does an Empart church look like? - The leader (we call him the Church Planter) is a local person who is passionate about bringing transformation into the community. The congregation (we call them the believers) is made up of people whose lives have been transformed by the Good News and power of Jesus Christ.

    The Church Planter and the believers then work together to continue transforming other lives in their community - through teaching, caring and praying for individuals, looking after needy children, and teaching disadvantaged women to sew so they can provide for their families.

    Our goal is to start 100,000 of these authentic, community-transforming local churches! Keep reading to see how YOU can Get Involved in transforming communities too.

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  • Compassion International
    Compassion International exists as a Christian child advocacy ministry that releases children from spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty and enables them to become responsible, fulfilled Christian adults.

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  • Focus on the Family
    Focus on the Family is reaching more than 220 million people in 155 nations, Focus on the Family is a Christian nonprofit organization dedicated to serving, strengthening and defending families worldwide. Founded in 1977, Focus on the Family provides practical tools, spiritual resources and emotional support to families at every stage of life. Back to Top
  • Atascadero Bible Church
    This is the church that Mark and Laurel are members of and are involved with. To go to the church website click here.

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  • First Baptist Church - Paso Robles
    This is the church that Jim and Cindy are members of and are involved with. To go to the church website click here. Back to Top