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Sunstream V-LiftTM
The Sunstream V-Lift redefines the air displacement boat lift with unprecedented speed, ease of use, portability, durability and fun!

Fun and Easy to Use With a single touch of your remote control you can launch your boat level in approximately 75 seconds or lift in approximately 2 minutes.  The lift self-centers and secures your boat automatically when loading without fenders and dock lines for the easiest and safest docking ever. 

Versatile The V-Lift is designed to be used in most places where you can moor your boat.  The free-floating design requires  no hard mounting to your dock and can be tied like boat to one side of a dock, or in a slip as narrow as 10 feet and in as little as 3 ft of water.   With the quiet lift-mounted blowers, there is no powerpack on the dock and with the solar option, there is no need for shore power.  The durable construction of polyethylene and composite structure is ideal for both salt and fresh water; and for your future larger boat, the 7000 lb capacity model can be expanded to the 11,000 lb capacity model.

Safe and Secure The V-Lift design includes no air hoses, which solves air leakage problems common to other air displacement lifts on the market.  The quiet and powerful quad-blower DC pneumatics with electric valves are mounted directly on the tanks.  For further peace of mind, the V-Lift has independent air tanks and a Tank Monitoring System™ (TMS™), designed to add air if water is sensed in any of the air tanks.  The V-Lift acts as a protective fender on both sides of your boat, protecting it from the dock and neighboring boats.

Fun and easy to use:
  • Remote control standard
  • 1 to 2 min for Launching/Lifting
  • Holds boat when loading/launching
  • Quiet, quad blower DC system
  • Level lifting and launching
  • No mounts to dock needed
  • No powerpack on dock
  • 10 ft slip min, or side tie
  • Use in as little as 3 ft water
  • Durable in fresh and salt water
  • Solar option
  • Expandable capacity
Safe and Secure
  • No air hoses to leak
  • Tank Monitoring System TMS™
  • 4 independent tanks
  • Tanks act as fenders to protect boat while docked